Main Church

Our primary church building is used for regular worship, baptisms, weddings and funerals, music concerts and other similar activities. It has a raised stage, an excellent organ and full grand piano. The church has an audio-visual system that can project most formats, the capacity to record and zoom services, a multi-channel sound desk sufficient for most professional needs and comfortably seats up to 180 people. There is a small children’s room at the back for little ones that need to run around or play while the grown-ups are doing quieter things.

Wesley Hall

Our hall is a multi-purpose open space with high ceilings, a raised stage and a substantial kitchen adjacent. It is used for a wide variety of purposes, from Zumba and Yoga to choir rehearsals and morning teas for large groups. Tables and chairs can be put out when needed, while the tech infrastructure allows us to project content or mirror what is being shown in the main church as required. This has allowed Wesley Hall to be used for the overflow when there are large weddings or funerals in the main church.

Activity Centre

The Activity Centre is a two-story facility that provides smaller spaces for group activities. The ground floor has a small kitchenette perfect for serving snacks, tea and coffee or even a light meal. It has a hard floor that suits messy art activities and makes tidying up afterwards much easier! The upper level, accessed by stairs, is carpeted and is furnished with a variety of lounges, tables and chairs.