All About Jesus

We are confident that Jesus Christ is ‘the Way, the Truth and the Life’,
our resurrected Saviour.

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Open Bible – Open Minds

We seek to understand the Christian faith from a standpoint of humility.
All questions are welcomed. All voices are heard. We respect those with
whom we disagree and seek to learn from other perspectives.

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Welcome Just As You Are

We hold a range of political opinions, hail from many nations,
express our gender and sexuality in different ways and frame our theologies
using varied categories. Our love for one another depends on Christ,
not on our real or imagined similarities.

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Caring For Others

We express our care for people with utmost respect and without distinction.
Care expressed through conversation and prayer,
practical assistance and social engagement.

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Welcome To Camden Uniting Church

We are an open community seeking to live out our Christian faith with enthusiasm, justice, mercy and humility. You are most welcome to join us and share in our faith journey.

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