Weekly Meditations

Weekly Meditations

Sunday 5th April – Gary Ireland is kindly creating a weekly Reflection and Meditation based on the Uniting Church Lectionary, whilst social distancing is in place.

Readings: Philippians 2:5-11 and Matthew 27:11-54.

Points to ponder:
 What a come-down it must have been for Jesus to become a mere human being.
 What does being humble mean to you?
 Consider the cruelty and the massive wrong done to Jesus, as described by Matthew, and remember that he suffered these things for us, to reconcile us to the Father and fit us for eternity with Him.
 What can we do to exalt Jesus in our lives and in our community, especially at this time?

We beg you, Almighty God, mercifully to look on your people. Give wisdom to those in authority over us that they might act wisely in the present crisis, and in the days that follow. Enable us and all people to so discipline ourselves and respond in love to others so as to minimize the damage wrought by the Covid 19 virus,

And may your Gospel be carried forward, leading to eternal life.
In the precious name of Christ Jesus we pray.