Resources for Self Isolating

Resources for Self Isolating

Thursday 30th April

Hello All,
Just in case you were wondering about the source of the prayers which end these reflections, they are modernised versions of the Collects found in the traditional Anglican Book of Prayer, and which are also found in the Methodist Book of Offices. I chose to use them because they match up with the days of the Church year, and so are helpful particularly around Easter and Pentecost. Here is a meditation for Sunday 3rd May.

May you experience God’s richest blessings during these difficult days.
Gary Ireland

Bible Readings.
Psalm 23 and John 10:1-10

Points to Ponder

Consider some of the ways in which you have experienced God's providential care for you.
For many, the threat of Covid 19 may be seen as the valley of the shadow of death. What
confidence can we have in such times?
Jesus describes himself as the door to the sheepfold. In what ways does He serve as a door
in our daily lives? concerning eternal life?
Jesus lay down his life for us, but then he proved the power of this by taking it up again.

Almighty God, who leads us out of error into the light of your truth that we may live according to
your will, grant that in the power of your Spirit we may turn from those things contrary to our
calling and truly follow Jesus, through his holy name

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