What to expect

What to expect

Our approach is relaxed and friendly.

There is no dress code for church services. We encourage you to wear what’s comfortable for you. Summer brings thongs and shorts for some while others like to dress more formally. You will be welcomed however you come.


As you enter you will be greeted by one of our welcome team. They’ll be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. They can also help you to find a seat and provide you with information about our church and its various activities.


Worship services at CUC typically last about 60 minutes. We begin with a time of worship through music. The 9.00am service music is more traditional in focus with hymns and piano or pipe organ. Most people join in the worship time by standing and singing. Some people like to sit quietly and reflect, absorbing the music and using the time to connect with God.

This time is followed by a brief time of greeting, some announcements and prayers. Then you’ll experience solid, engaging teaching from the Bible. Our focus is on helping people to connect with Jesus Christ. This includes supporting each other in knowing how to live as Christ’s followers in daily life . We aim to unpack biblical teaching in ways that are accessible and applicable to the complexities and challenges of our modern world.


There will be an opportunity to contribute financially to God’s work through an offering time during the service. This money is used to support our ministries locally, nationally and globally. Our regular attenders are encouraged to give generously and consistently as God guides them to enable us to offer the hope of Jesus and serve others in his name. But there is no pressure on guests to contribute unless you wish to do so.


At our 9.00am service children are very welcome. The kids join us for the service.  For younger children (accompanied by a parent) we have a creche equipped with a lounge, toys and a change table. All of our children’s workers are covered by a government mandated “Working with Children Check” and also undergo regular training as part of our Safe Church protocol.