Living generously

We encourage one another to be generous in spirit and action. For those who consider CUC as their church we invite you to give generously and consistently to God’s work. There are a number of options listed below: App appDirect Debit to CUC

You can make a direct debit transfer to CUC. You control the amount given and how often. Your account name may appear in our bank records but is only available to those who manage our finances. Our account details are below.

Account Details
Account name: Camden Uniting Church Main A/C
BSB: 634-634
Account Number: 100026652
Use a Reference: TITHE, GIVING or OFFERING

Direct Debit through Uniting Financial

Your account is regularly debited by a fixed amount by Uniting Financial and then passed on to the church anonymously as a single offering. A form is available at the back of the church or can be downloaded here. Print out the form, fill in your details and send to Uniting Financial.

In the Plate

Each Sunday you can place your offering into the plate during the service. These offerings can be placed in the traditional envelopes, which allow you to indicate where the money is allocated or just as cash in the plate.